10 important homeopathic remedies to have at home

dreamstime_s_37765827.doneIllnesses and injuries happen at unpredictable times, usually when you can’t get the homeopathic remedies that you need. The pharmacies sell kits but if you haven’t got one, start your own. Store them in glass bottles, not plastic. They last for years. I’ve used a bottle of Nux Vomica that was 100+ years old with immediate good effect. Get 30 potency which is widely available and the most useful strength. You can buy them in many non specialist shops but to be sure that you have a good source of well cared for remedies, buy them from a homeopathic pharmacy like Helios or Ainsworth’s. See below for details. Continue reading


I can’t sleep

Insomnia sleeplessness
I can’t sleep!

Yes, you know what it’s like to have insufficient sleep. You wake up feeling hungover, fuzzy in the head, heavy eyed, dull thinking, maybe with a headache, grumpy and not fit for the day. But do you remember what it’s like to wake up after a really good sleep? Feeling bright, cheerful, capable of getting on with the day and optimistic.

There is a reason for the difference. The brain, which is only about 2% of the body’s total weight, uses up 25% of its energy. All metabolism has toxic by-products which the lymphatic system carries away. So far, just basic level biology. But what happens to all the toxins that accumulate around brain cells (using a quarter of the calories you consume)? The lymphathic system is not connected to the brain. Continue reading