About me

measured-me-1I am passionate about people being able to achieve their best health potential (which doesn’t mean that the NEVER get ill) and I am passionate about people being able to understand their health and therefore start to take charge of it. For me, homeopathy is the way. I first had homeopathy in France when I was 14 years old and even though I’d gone for a very dull complaint, something about the process touched me and from then on I knew I wouldn’t be fulfilled if I didn’t practice it myself.  I trained at the College of Homeopathy in the 1980s and I’ve worked as a homeopath since 1990 in private practice, for the NHS as well as in the voluntary sector.

Homeopathy changed my life and I imagine it has determined my health. There is something so right about it; making sense of all the strands of your life and enabling you to see that everything is actually interconnected. If I won the lottery I wouldn’t stop practicing. This isn’t just something I do to pay the bills it is who I am.

I am registered and governed by the Society of Homeopaths and adhere to their Code of Ethics.

I see Janet for homeopathy because it works with things that nothing else does. PM London



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