I think I drink too much

Too much wine alcohol
I think I drink too much

So you think you drink too much. Or you wonder how much alcohol is too much alcohol. You can’t sleep well and you wake feeling creaky and stiff after getting up in the night to pee. Your digestion isn’t good and your eyes are dry. You have a sneaking idea that all these things are related to alcohol rather than to ageing or life in general.

Well, you are not alone. We are bombarded by TV programs and articles telling us that we have become binge drinkers and we can’t even congratulate ourselves that we have never been seen out in a drunken state because now we know that most alcohol is consumed in the home, not in the pub.

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Jealousy is eating me up

green heart jealousy
Jealous heart

So you get jealous, hurt and suspicious in your relationships? I know what that feels like. That feeling of being consumed by it when you can’t behave normally and you are ashamed to admit it to anyone. And the idea of speaking to someone only feels like it will weaken and cheapen you and make the problem more real. Continue reading

10 important homeopathic remedies to have at home

dreamstime_s_37765827.doneIllnesses and injuries happen at unpredictable times, usually when you can’t get the homeopathic remedies that you need. The pharmacies sell kits but if you haven’t got one, start your own. Store them in glass bottles, not plastic. They last for years. I’ve used a bottle of Nux Vomica that was 100+ years old with immediate good effect. Get 30 potency which is widely available and the most useful strength. You can buy them in many non specialist shops but to be sure that you have a good source of well cared for remedies, buy them from a homeopathic pharmacy like Helios or Ainsworth’s. See below for details. Continue reading